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Modern Electricians Must Know About Computers and Networking

In the modern age of computers and networking, an electrician can no longer be successful without having advanced computer knowledge. Buildings now require huge electrical systems which operate on very complex computer networks. If a traditional electrician goes to work on a building, they’ll need someone with an electromechanical engineering background to work with them. People often take their electrical appliances and technology for granted. If they go to the thermostat and turn on the cool air, it might seem like no big deal for that function to exist. But there is actually a lot more to it on the back side.

Scottsdale Electricians have always been very technical people to some capacity. However, the training and skills required to become an electrician these days are a lot more in depth. Since most new buildings are operated by computer processors, fiber optics, networking, and so on, there is more to learn than just the electrical side of things. Electricians need to know how to install these computer systems and networks into a building. There are even maintenance workers that must know how to maintain these systems too.

The Industry is Changing

Up until about a decade ago, a person could learn to become an electrician simply by getting hands-on experience while doing the job. Now you need advanced computer skills too. When someone goes to an electrician training school, they’ll be trained on more than just circuit diagrams and splicers. They’ll also be trained in computer labs too.

As for current electricians without computer skills, there are electrical contractors who are establishing educational facilities that teach computer skills to these electricians. That way, they will be able to develop automated electrical systems which can control various functions, such as heating, lighting, cooling, ventilation, security alarms, and fire alarms. All these functions are controlled through one computer network.

Obviously, this is quite a complicated network to develop and it requires someone who is technology savvy. When students receive training on the computer for this type of work, they will learn how to manage local area networks and utilize the software which runs these complex networking systems. Fiber-optic meters are connected to them as well. There are electromagnetic controls being used in these complex systems. Fiber optics can track changes in things like air flow, humidity, and temperature.

Both the installers and the maintenance workers of these complex systems must receive this advanced technical training. These maintenance workers are no longer merely janitors doing an extra job. They are now called energy management technicians.

In Boston, there is a high demand for this position in universities, hospitals, and laboratories because they are big buildings with lots of electronic devices and machines which are energized by complicated electrical systems.

For instance, any big medical facility like a hospital needs a properly calibrated electrical system. If you are not careful with the calibration, there could be an electrical shock in one of the rooms which might potentially kill a patient. Furthermore, energy efficiency is more popular throughout the Boston area. More of its newly constructed residential and commercial buildings are utilizing green energy and technology.

Back when there was a recession in the United States, a lot of the existing commercial buildings in Boston received energy makeovers to make them eco-friendlier. There were a lot of government incentives provided to property owners for doing this. These incentives came from both the state government and federal government.

According to a 2012 Rockefeller Foundation study, investing $279 billion in American building efficiency upgrades would save people $1 trillion in energy costs over the course of a decade. One educational facility that is already participating in this trend is the IBEW Dorchester facility, which includes a landmark, wind turbine, car charging station, and solar roof. The training facility has spread into another building next to it and it has a computer laboratory and a special hospital room for demonstration purposes. There are so many new college graduates who have learned the necessary skills in engineering and science to get these electrician jobs at work sites and union training facilities.

Janitors have a much easier job because they can control the lights and electrical devices of an entire building from one room. This increases productivity and efficiency on the job.