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If your house was built before the 1960’s,

The older your home the higher the chance of it not being capable of safely regulating the wattage needed for newer appliances. Houses built before the 1960’s might not be on par with present day houses wired to handle 100-amp service.

Considering the constant revolution of technology and our burgeoning needs, which are making our lives easier, upgrading to 150 or 200 amps might prevent the need to consider rewiring all over again in a  few years.

By rewiring the house it allows for prevention of tripping the system and for space to grow.

Safety Hazard

Houses build before the 1960s might have a knob and tube system in place. Houses built after the 1960s generally came equipped with insulated cables with ground wires. The older the wiring in place, the higher the chance of it being a safety hazard. In addition, it is possibly not covered by insurance in case of tragedy or even insurable at all.

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping

Electrical Wiring

With the housing booms and busts in the last few decades, some houses have been wired in a sub-par fashion. Have you ever wondered why your circuit breaker keeps tripping? The reason for this is that you are most probably overloading the circuit beyond its capacity. If, for example, your house is only equipped to handle a 10-amp circuit, but your electrical needs go up to 15-amps the circuit breaker will trip to prevent overheating. The older your wiring the higher the chance that it is not well equipped to handle the electrical needs of the multitude of appliances we need to live a comfortable life in this day and age.

Phoenix electrician wiring commercial AC unite

Hiring a licensed electrician to inspect live wires is an absolute necessity because of the high risk of electrocution. If you are considering rewiring please contact us and we will connect you with a licensed electrician who will be able to put your mind at ease.

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